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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 17, 2014 4:00am-4:29am EST

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good morning on this president's day. i'm marci gonzalez. >> i'm ryan smith. john and diana are off. we begin with the breaking news overnight. an ethiopian airlines jet forced to land in switzerland due to an attempting hijacking. >> abc's lama hasan has the latest from london. >> hey, good morning to you. according to swiss price, an ethiopian airlines plane was forced to make an unscheduled stop. the copilot of the plane took over the controls when the pilot went to the roost room. the copilot asked for asylum in switzerland. he's being questioned by police. all of the 200 passengers and crew on board were safe,
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according to a statement. they've since been taken off the plane. there were no injuries. police say the situation is under control. as a safety precaution, geneva airport was closed. it's since reopened. >> and of course, we'll have much more on "good morning america." >> our other big headline this morning, the latest round of severe snowstorms slamming both ends of the nation. >> another major system gaining strength is expected to move east. blanketed 3,000 miles of america under yet another layer of snow. >> reporter: the northeast can't catch a brk.k. another monster storm ravaged the new england coast. some areas more than a foot of snow. and whiteout conditions from 50-mile-per-hour winds. 14,000 homes and businesses lost power.
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residents are screaming, enough already. >> i hate it. >> reporter: crews are using sand on side streets, trying to conserve salt. >> if this winter doesn't break, we're going to start running out. it's a scary situation to go through. >> reporter: out west, the problem, avalanches. two more skiers found dead on sunday, swept away in this powerful snowslide. since february 8th, at least ten people have died in avalanches. the mountain regions of the northwest are bracing for seven feet of snow, raising the danger of more avalanches. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. another 2 to 7 inches of snow expected tonight from the great lakes into pennsylvania and new york. the south will see showers from kentucky to louisiana. in the pacific northwest, more than six inches of rain for washington, oregon, and northwest california. >> the temperatures about ten degrees below normal for new
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england. the weather is once again making problems at the winter games in sochi. >> this time, it's dense fog. it developed in the mountains yesterday and has not lifted. already today, it's delayed at least one event and forced some training to be canceled. >> the second week of the competition is now under way. off to a great start for team usa. as kirit radia shows us. >> reporter: bode miller became the oldest alpine skier to win a medal. he took the bronze. the win brought him to tears. he tweeted thanks for all the support. today was one of the most emotional days of my life. i miss my brother. his younger brother, a competitive snowboarder, died last political. >> to pass away the way he did really kind of -- i don't know, it connected with my sorlt of journey coming back. >> reporter: kis skating duo meryl davis and charlie white are in position to win gold in
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olympic ice dancing. they dazzled the crowd winning the short skate program. they'll back on the ice today. >> i felt like i was in a dream. i felt like everything is coming together. >> reporter: the u.s. men's hockey team wrapped up the preliminary round of competition with a 5-1 victory over slovenia. phil kessel scored the first american hat trick in the olympics in 12 years. >> winning the first three games is our first goal. now that we've achieved that, it's a one-game tournament. >> reporter: the u.s. women's hockey team is back in action today. facing sweden in a semifinal. also today, a u.s. two-man bobsled team could win a medal for the first time since 195. the jamaican team goes into today in last place. >> a brief check of the medals count. the u.s. is now back among the
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leaders. >> a fascinating fact. 16 of those won by the neter lapds have come in speed skating. now to the shocking claims by pennsylvania teen that she took part in the murders of more than 20 people. miranda barber says the killings were part of a say tannic rich wa -- ritual. the local police are trying to see if this is a bid for attention or the real deal. florida prosecutors plan to retry man. the jury did convict michael dunn on four charges, including three of attempted murder. the jury deadlocked on a first-degree murder charge. >> just six months after another florida case that raised issues of race and devself-defense. george zimmerman's killing of
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trayvon martin. in a new interview, he says he's homeless and suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. man reportedly trying to carry an explosive device on a plane caused a brief chutedown in anchorage, alaska. police found what is described as a pipe bomb. police say the bomb lacked a trigger and the public was never in danger. from baltimore, a push-back tractor mashing the nose of an american airlines jet. look at that. canceling a flight to dallas. no passengers were hurt. good thing for insurance, huh? >> uh huh. when it comes to high rent, cities like new york and los angeles have a bad rap. you won't believe where the highest represent if the country actually is. plus, waving away help. a snake-handler died from a
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venomous bite. and the nba all-star game down in the recordbooks. richard nixon was the first president to visit all 50 states.
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investors get a rest today with markets closed for the holiday. but there's no rest for 1-80-flowers. they bojed valentine's day and candy deliveries and uts
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subsequent apology. patients complaining got jammed lines from customer service. only after they complained on twitter did the company tweet out apologies to some 400 customers. apple is breaking into the medicalfield. the apple will let the watch focus on the sound the blood makes as it tafls through the arteries. well, if you think rents are high in new york and los angeles, try finding an apartment in williston, north dakota. a one-bedroom apartment averages nearly $2400 a month. developers in the city can't keep up with the demand for housing with the influx of six-figure oil field workers. let's talk movies. "the lego movie" still the top block buster. it's making the second best showing ever for the long
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valentine's day/presidents' day weekend. about last night and robo cop were next in line. a survey of the wealthiest in 2010 dollars. george washington worth more than $525 million. thomas jefferson is next, followed by theodore roosevelt, andrew jackson, and james madison. all of them owned land. two married well, and roosevelt inherited wealth. when we come back, a birthday surprise for an expectant mother. the rare delive we gave everyone a shock. and nothing but net. a man hits a three-pointer. what makes this shot more amazing than it seems. [ ambient street noise ] ♪ ♪
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heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact onceit's on the house. i'll pay you back reeeeal soon. works every time. and stamos is right on schedule. all aboard the stamos train. wow wooow! dannon oikos greek yogurt. [ male announcer ] need a little more wow in your life? just book a royal caribbean cruise by february 28th and receive a free upgrade or up to $300 to spend on anything you want. call 1-800-royalcaribbean today. you are looking at a world record in the making. workers in los angeles building what's to become the largest sky
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scraper west of the mississippi. 73 stories. poured more than 2100 truckloads of concrete for the foundation. they sent a guinness record for longest continuous pour. 18 hours. it will be dry if l.a. today. look for snow and ice to slicken the roads in the upper midwest and across the great lakes. in the pacific northwest, driving will be treacherous in the cascades with up to seven feet of snow predicted. if you're flying, airport delays possible in minneapolis, caught, and detroit. back to the news now, a kentucky minister who starred on the reality tv show "snake salvation" has died after being bitten by a rattlesnake. >> he refused medical treatment and died at home about two hours after the bite. he comes from a long history ofñ snake-handling as part of a
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religion. the earth has reportedly dodged a bullet. falling frag meants of a soviet satellite burned up on reentry. a few worry. t there's an asteroid the size of three football fields is expected to whiz past the earth. sheriff's deputies have incinerated a mobile home full of explosives that they say posed a threat. 60 pounds of gun powder, primers for firearm cartridges and other terms were found if the house earlier this month. the man who lived there said he was making fuel for model rockets. a new health headline this morning. a record number of babies born in the u.s. through fertility treatments. as many as 2 of every 100 american babies are conceived with advanced fertility help. more than 61,000 babies were born via in vitro fertilization
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last year. and fertilely is clearly not a problem for 42-year-old kimberly fugate. she was stunned to find out she was pregnant. then the real shock, it was triplets. one more surprise in store once they got to the deliry room. >> they got the three out. and they said, more feet. and i -- more feet. that's all i heard. and i said, no. >> that's right. a fourth baby who had been hidden from the ultrasound the entire pregnancy. doctors say the chances of having naturally conceived identical quadruplets is almost beyond calculating. identical girls. >> how about that. news of the unwanted sort of fr the nfl. ray rice and his fiance were arrested over the weekend following a physical altercation
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at a casino. >> both were released for simple assault charges. an attorney says he believes the investigation will show the whole thing was a misunderstanding. and in the golf course at augu augusta national will have a different look. one of the most famous strees is gone. >> in the so called eisenhower tree was removed after being damaged in an ice storm. the tree got its name because the president is said to have hit it so many times. the masters starts on april 10th. the nba season resumes tomorrow fight. the league's all stars put on a show last night. good morning, america. welcome to "sportscenter." i'm steve levy. new orleans played host to the nba all-star game. this should have been the slam dunk competition itself. lebron among the superstars playing in the game. on the inbounds, steph curry,
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over the back board to kevin dura durant. and then carmelo anthony, the lob and lebron. then it's griffin's turn. doing his thing. kyrie irving had himself a ball game. he's your mvp. will they play together next season in cleveland? i don't know. the east wins it, 163-155. creighton player doug mcdermott passes larry bird for 13th on the division one scoring. group play concluded in sochi. look at the bracket. the americans are the second seed. they play the czech republic of slovakia on wednesday in the quarter finals. if the favorites all advance, we're looking at a usa-canada
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semifinal. and a rematch of the gold medal game in vancouver. for the latest from russia and the rest of your sports needs, check out "sportscenter" live on espn, 9:00 a.m. eastern time. have a great day. and along the sidelines at the fab all-star game yesterday, a giant in the sports. you see right there, that's retired chinese player yao ming. larger than life at 7'6". >> he's completely dwarfing the guy next to him. his hands about the size of the other guy's head. looks like he might need a chair. making news in missouri, an amazing three-point shot. >> it was unlike any other. check out our "play of the day." 54-year-old michael quinn sunk the shot. what make it so remarkable is that he's blind. >> he lost his sight after a series of false. his -- wow, look that. his prize, one free mcdonald
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time to check "the pulse" beginning with one proud papa, simon cowell. >> the usually cranky "x factor" judge looked downright content with his new son eric. he tweeted i never knew how much love and pride i would feel. >> nothing like baby to soften music's tough guy. erick was born on valentine's day and he's named after simon's dad. next, another major indicator for what could play out at this year's academy awards. >> the british awards for film were handed out yesterday. a good look for "12 years a slave." the second most important aspect
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of the awards shows, of course, is the fashion. >> in your book. >> absolutely. >> the usually glamorous angelina jolie showed up dressed like her partner, brad pitt. but brad pitt actually tied the tie. >> she pulled it off. oprah winfrey made fashion headlines in a stunning gown by stella mccartney. >> oprah posted a hilarious video into her instagram account. she was literally being stitched into her dress. she was nominated for her part in "the butler." she lost to jennifer lawrence. tripping on a shoe lace could soon be the thing of the past. power laces are just around the corner. what is a power lace? marty mcfly thought they were cool in "back to the future." >> in real life, next year will be 2015.
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and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? [ female announcer ] lactaid. 100% real milk. no discomfort. checking our top stories. police arrested a hijacker who forced an ethiopian airlines plane to land in geneva. the plane's hijacker was the plane's copilot seeking asylum. a pennsylvania teej ager says she commit sod many murders as part of a satanic ritual, she lost count. two more avenue flanchs the west. one person killed in a slide in idaho. two skiers died in an avalanche in lake county, colorado. looking at the presidents' day weather, up to seven feet of snow in the pacific northwest in the cascades. and more snow in new york and
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pennsylvania. are you smarter than a 3-year-old 3-year-old? we want you to meet a little girl from arizona. >> she's a card-carrying member of the mensa society. david muir got her giggling. >> reporter: her little fingers tapping that ipad. alex sis martin is laughing. >> alexis does her map, ready? >> reporter: she was able to label every one of the continue tents. europe, africa, all the rest. >> ready for countries? >> reporter: she labels the countries next. >> japan! boop, boop, boop. >> reporter: we met her after her afternoon nap. a typical 3-year-old at first, smiling and shy, leaving dad to do the talking. telling us about when he first noticed. you would be driving if the car and she would recite the bedtime story from the night before.
4:28 am
>> she would recite them ver bait m. >> reporter: she reads at a fifth grade level. doctors have been unable to calculate her true score on iq tests. the average person, a 100. alexis, scoring a 160. sharing her score are albert einstein, steven hawking. she taught herself spanish from the ipad. where does alexis get her smarts from, mom or dad? >> mom, you want to come answer this. >> reporter: her parents say they were both smart, but alexis is different. >> we still want her to be 3 years old. >> reporter: one little reminder she's on her way with a word she lee learned from the ipad. >> adios. that's what's making


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